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Residential Recycling

Residential Recycling
What Can I Recycle?
Place all recyclables—glass, plastic bottles, metal cans, and mixed paper in one container. All material must be clean. Do not put trash, garbage, or non-recyclables in your recycling cart or bin.

Glass      (Do Not Include Broken Glass! Dangerous!)
Rinsed and Empty, glass food and beverage containers should be
recycled. Lids and labels can stay on.
Dishes, light bulbs, fluorescent bulbs*, windows, mirror glass or glass
cookware. They melt at a different temperature from glass bottles.
Metal     (Do Not Flatten)
Rinsed and Empty, tin, aluminum and steel food and beverage
cans; lids and labels can stay on. Clean Aluminum pie plates and foil.
Aerosol can. Do not crush metal containers.
Auto parts, kitchen supplies, bicycles, and furniture.
Plastic Bottles (Okay to Flatten)
Empty, narrow-necked bottles (plastic codes 1 through 7). These include water, soda, milk,
juice, and detergent bottles. Lids and labels can stay on. Bags within
Bags, Wide-mouthed containers, Rigid Plastics (large toys, jugs, laundry
baskets, lawn furniture, butter tubs, yogurt cups, medicine bottles).
Bottles from automotive products, pesticides or other toxins. Foam
products (e.g. cups, peanuts, trays), plastic food wrapping, food/computer
product clamshells. 
Paper    (Place in Bin.  Do Not Tie Up. Paper Bagging Discouraged but Acceptable)
Drink containers - Paper-based egg and berry cartons are
okay, if clean. Tetrapak containers, e.g. Juice, wine, milk (with
multiple layers of material and/or pour spouts)
Mixed paper - Recycle all papers together including white and colored
papers, envelopes, forms, file folders, tablets, junk mail, cereal boxes,
wrapping paper, catalogs, magazines and phone books. It is okay to
include metal staples, clips, glue, labels, and plastic windows on
envelopes. Please remove plastic bindings and dividers from
documents. Photos are okay, but not "instant" film (eg. Polaroids).
Newspaper - All paper-based inserts that come with the newspaper
can be recycled. Put them loosely into the cart. Please remove
internal plastic baggies (e.g. ad sections).
Corrugated cardboard boxes and brown paper bags - Remove
packaging, then flatten and place in cart or bin.
Shredded Paper - For residents shredding their outgoing fiber
(usually for information security concerns), paper bagging is advised,
but not recommended for any other reason.
Plastic-based foam egg cartons, Clamshell berry containers, Plastic coated
(laminated) paper, blueprints, waxed cardboard, cups/plates,
tissues, paper towels, or "instant" film (eg. Polaroids) and food contaminated
* Fluorescent bulbs and other mercury-containing items (e.g. thermometers) are best disposed of at residential Household Hazardous Waste Collection sites. Visit the US Environmental Protection Agency to find out what to do when a mercury-containing item breaks.